"I received my package yesterday.  I just love the picture.  My husband is going today to get a mat and frame for it.  I have the perfect place to hang my picture.  I'm going to take it tomorrow to the Meet & Greet and show it off."
                                                 ****** a customers "secret pal"
  "I look at this most recent drawing of Sweets and the essence of him is right there looking back at me.  I can't tell you how much that particular piece moves me."
                                                ****** Arne H.
                                        (As posted to the GH-L)
  "I ordered a Greyhound mailbox from Jeanni Davis of Dragonflyte Creations.  It is truly and honestly the most fabulous thing I have ever seen.  Jeanni is a gifted and talented artist.  The images and colors that flow from her brushes are just marvelous.  I am totally awestruck by this work of art.
  Reasonably priced, expertly done, professionally packaged for mailing and a part of the proceeds for adoption.  What a combination!"

                                                ****** Myke S.
  "I got the caricatures today- They're ADORABLE.  Can't wait to get them framed.  You do absolutly beautiful work.  Thanks."

                                                 ****** Diane W.
  "I just opened (the caricature) and wow, you've outdone yourself.  Both Dorothy and I are in awe.  We didn't really think anything could ever outshine the first one.  Wow.  Thank you.  I've never been so happy with anything in my life."
                                                ****** Rick M.
"....As for the drawing, WOW!  It's so much him that it's scary.  The look is wistful, shy and a trifle unsure....and that's him....except for when he's hungry.  You are so talented you give me heartburn."

                                                ****** A. Haber
"Whoa!  Got the (mail) box today.  I can't tell you how much I like it.  Remembering friends like Kenny and Muffin is kinda hard.  When I saw both of them on da box, I know now when I get the mail, I will remember both of them every day."
                                                 ****** Joe R.
  "The caricatures really match our hounds.  It's so easy to tell who's who."
                                                 ****** Sharon R.
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  I was so pleased to receive the 3 packs of cards today....they made me smile and I just couldn't stop admiring them!  Thank you so much...I just Love them!  (almost as much as my hounds!)
******Kathy C.       
  Got a chance to really look at the mailbox closely.  It is spectacular.  The look in Clancy's eyes on the front is perfect.  They sparkle just like his do.  Not sure if I want to put it out in the elements and take a chance on it getting messed up. It really is a piece of art.
                                                                                  Thanks again,
  I LOVE IT!!!
You are unbelievable...thank you for such a wonderful conversation piece at my front door....
I still have to get some pictures sent to you for the tiny magnets for my side car doors...will work on that after I get some sleep tonight.
Can't wait to see it, and thank you again.
OMG!  That is so stinking cute!  I love it!  I hope / am sure she will, too. How very perfect. Thank you very much.
  I got it!  I LOVE it!  thank you so much, Jeanni.   You are one doggone talented artist.

Susan, Dash and Scarlett

Just wanted to let you know that I received Abbey’s magnet today.  It is so cute.  Thank you very much for all you have done.  I am recommending you to all my Greyhound friends.
C. Davis
OMG! It's beautiful Jeanni!! I'm trying to regain my composure right now. It's him. Thank you so much. You are a true artist. I just can't tell you how much I appreciate you making this for me. thanks.
Jody V.

The package arrived safe and sound and as last time everything is sooooo beautiful and cute and we love them all.

Hugs and Whippet kisses,
Dick and Judi and Miss Becky (the Whippet)