"Words fail me.  I actually got all teary-eyed when I unwrapped the mailbox.  WOW!
  With affection from a greytful and satisfied customer."

                                                                    ******A. Menn
"I'M SCREAMING LIKE A MAD WOMAN!!!!  I JUST GOT THE MOST FABULOUS MAILBOX AND IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL.  I COULD NEVER PUT IT OUTSIDE!  WHAT, ARE YOU CRAZY?  I'm going to put it on a table and just look at it.  I can't thank you enough.  It is just stunning and I love it.  Man, I'm freaked out.  I mean freaked out!  Whew.  Wow."

"I must tell you that the mailbox, ( a gift for a friend), was the hit of the party and she and the guests were enchanted by it. I can't begin to tell you what a stir it caused.  Her sister went nuts over it and wants one too.  Thanks you so much for a wonderful gift and for working within my time frame."
                                   (As posted to the GH-L)
  "Jeanni was able to capture the personalities of each and every one of our (six) grey's from pictures without having ever seen them!  I'm so happy, I'm speechless.  If you've ever thought about having your greys picture done, contact Jeanni now.  I guarantee you won't be disappointed!"

                                                                     ******Rick M.
  "This is the best Greyhound thing I have, (aside from the dogs themselves).   You made my day.  Thank you so much."

                                                                     ******Janine C.
                                (As posted to a Greyhound Forum)
  "I cannot say enough good things about her mailboxes, but also to praise Jeanni's attitude and professionalism.  The fact that (some of ) her profits go to help the "hounds" is just an added bonus.    Not affiliated, just a VERY satisfied customer."                                                                                                                                       ******Don S.
"I absolutely love my Boxer pin.  As soon as it arrived, I unpacked it, ran upstairs and put it on my coat.  It looks perfect.  You are very talented in your creations."
                                                                    ******Wendy V. - Boxer Rescue
    In reference to a donated quilt square for the NBRF raffle quilt.
  "I got your fantastic quilt square!  It is absolutely beautiful and looks just like her, (Nadya-my Borzoi).  Thank you so much.  I wish I could keep this one for myself."
                                                                    *****Carol B. - NBRF
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