"Snooty" Magnet
Approximately 11-1/2" X 4"
"Profile"  Caricature Magnet
Approximately 8-1/2" X 4"
Here are a couple of brand new designs of magnets.  These are just the right size for your car, but you can put them anywhere there is metal that they can stick to.  Take them to work with you and put them on your filing cabinet.  I can paint them to match your dog.  Check back for new designs which I will be adding periodically.
These magnets are clear coated for protection just as are all my magnets.
Have your bridge kids memorialized in a magnet.
Email me for information on any of these magnets in other breeds.

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Non greyhound Caricature magnets
Works well on Fridge or...


"Sitting"  Caricature Magnet
Approximately 9" X 3"
The running magnet and bunny magnet come together as a set for $20 or you can get either of them seperately.  Running Greyhound for
$15 each
Or the bunny for $5 each
All colors and customization available

This page was last updated: July 30, 2013
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"Buddies" Magnet
Approximately 6-1/2" X 3-1/2"
"Running Angel" Magnet
Approximately 9" X 4"
"Playbow Angel" Magnet
Approximately 9" X 6-1/2"
Caricature "Cockroach" Magnet
Approximately 6-3/4" X 7"
This fun magnet was inspired by my original Christmas Card design, "All Caught Up". 
"Caught Up" Magnet
Approximately 8-3/4" X 4"
Designed after the classic "Shelf Sitter" decorations, this magnet looks as if this bright eyed pup is looking out of a window or over the edge of a counter. 
The classic ROO pose is something almost every greyhound owner is familiar with.
"Shelf Sitter" Magnet
Approximately 5" X 7"
"Caricature Roo" Magnet
Approximately 4-1/4" X 9"
"Who Me?" Magnet
Approximately 4-3/4" X 7"
This is the "Who Me?  I didn't do it!" look all dog owners have experienced at least once in their lives!