I've been hand painting these magnets for almost five years now and they have become one of my best sellers. Put 'em on your car!  Put 'em on your fridge!  Put 'em on anything made of steel.  Yeah, I have Greyhound magnets on my car already!  Most of us do.  But I offer a few new poses that not just anyone has.  Also, I can paint them!  You can now have a magnet for your car, hand painted to match YOUR dog! 
These are based on my original drawings and pretty much anything goes here since I draw them, cut them out and paint them with my own little hands!  These are also not limited to just Greyhounds.  I'll try any breed, any pet!
Also check out the mini magnets....perfect for the fridge!
To order, send me an e-mail.
This page was last updated on: August 1, 2013
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