Lesa Pickett
What, I left room for you. Bring a pillow!

Susan Williams
You said I could have half the bed to sleep on, can I help it if it is in the middle of the bed.

Shirley Trusky
Your pillow?!...Nope, Haven't seen it!

Tonya Mackey
Somebodys been lying in my bed... and they are still there.

S. Chapman
Could  you hand me the tv clickers woof

Lesa Pickett
Caption: ...and this one is JUUUSST right. (Goldilocks)

Sue Edwards
"There's a little draft. Could you please cover up my tush?"

Bonnie Winter
"I picked my half---it's in the middle".

Shirley Trusky
Thank you for making my bed this morning!! :)

Emily Carvill
You weren't planning on sleeping on the bed or using this pillow, were you?!

Norm Jackson
Caption: My sleep number is.....

Jo Anne Lynch

Vicki Bowenschulte
Share? What do you mean I have to share? Finders Keepers!

Della Wireman
Hi Mom!!  Where are you and Dad gonna sleep?

Amy  Sheneman
5 more minutes pleeze - pleeze
Donna Federer
OMG not yet

Sandy Dunwell

Carrie Shuman
This is my bed said the dog, you can sleep on the floor 

Carla Trottier
What do you mean you want me to move???? 

Tonya Mackey
This is soo good for my back. Thanks. You're a dear.

Lisa Hughes
"Now...if only I could get them to bring me breakfast in bed."

Lisa Hughes
"I should get up and do something......Nay, I think I'll stay right here."

Dana Provost
Hey!  You lookin' at me?  You gonna make MY DAY?

Lisa Hughes
"Oh Crap...when did they install that doggie cam!"

Sandy Dunwell
Man! If this isn't "THE LIFE of RILEY, I don't know what is!!!!

Joanne Bast
So, where are you going to sleep?

Janis Brown
It's nap time somewhere in the world.

Pamela Benus
I saved a place for you.

Amy  Sheneman
You made me bacon for breakfast?????

Donna Federer
Make room for me.

Lesa Pickett
I'd like this to be my forever home.

Lesa Pickett
How about a wet and sloppy, Baby!

Kaye Richards
MY BED-MY PILLOW-- if you don't hog the bed I will let a 2 legged person sleep with me.

Robin Willoughby
Thanks for making my bed up so nice, Mom....so where are you gonna sleep tonight?

LOOK!!  I can wag my tail and my tongue at the same time!

Sue Edwards
'Whadda ya mean?....beds are for people!"

Sue Edwards
"I'm in bed, Mom, where are you sleeping?"

Shana Dunn
'You said I did what?  I couldn't have!'

Linda Maton
What's your sleep number?

Ady Cerreta
We can share....PLEASE don't make me get off the bed....PLLLLEEEEAAASE

Kathy LaRocco
What? It's my bed too!

Mieke Bleijenberg
I will only get up when you take me for a long walk.

Anne Houben
When mom and dad are away, it's their bed where I stay
Cindy Wheeler
The race is on...into your heart...and onto your bed...it's greyt to be a greyhound!  Retirement is bliss :)