Sue Aptaker
This little tiny room has an awfully big water bowl!!

Kris Metz
Bugging for some greyt loving! 

Lucy Grey 
Are you seriously going to ignore this face? C'mon let's go for a ride you can drive and I'll behave.

Paula Knight
"Something TOLD me not to steal her Flamethrower from Wendy's!"

"Lays potato chips, no one can eat just one!"

Lesa Pickett
See my bones? Okay. Now,see your bones? Yeah,I didn't think so. Obviously it would be to both our benefit that I should take care of that steak for you.

Coninx Idaline
Hi love....I am thursty!!!!

Sherry Lee
" yummm I know there is STEAK cooking under this lid, open it and it's gone!

Helen Pierce
Macaroni and cheese? I didn't see any macaroni and cheese!

  Beverly Dalrymple
"Who spilled the Blueberry Wine?"

Until the food is off the plate and in your mouth IT CAN BE MINE!

Rob McCarthy
Great googly moogly, I think that's steak!

Rachel Hopple
This bowling ball's too hard to please???

Kris Burkel
"Surrender that cheeseburger! . . . . pleeeeeze."

Denise Netzel
what about me  what about me yum yum...

Carol Nykerk

Sandy Dunwell

Susan Shuman
Are you Going to give me ice cream, if you don't i'll SCREAM!!!!!

Jo-Anne Kullman
So when is dinner?

Kaye Richards
Thank you God for the blessings I'm about to receive.

Rachael Teusch
4 out of 5 doctors recommend Greyt Kisses daily. (The 5th must have been a Chihuahua owner who prefers to dress up her dog and carry it in her purse.)