Alice Wilson's Sedona
And her Rudy
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Goose, Griffin & Aiko Howard.
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The Carter Whipplet Triplets
Sherry Hall's "Norman"
Verna Minardo's "Tasha"
Verna Minardo's "Greyhounds"
Vanessa Roland's "Gator"
All completed October 2004
Verna Minardo's "Italian Greyhounds"
Kelly at the Bridge
Suzi Wadell ~ at the bridge.  Owned and loved by Dick and Nancy Wadell.  Suzi lived to nearly 20 years old!  She was a common sight at Dewey Beach, DE during the "Greyhounds Reach The Beach" gathering of the hounds.  All of us will miss Suzi.
Elena Young's Elwood ~ at the bridge